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108 East Griffin Street, Dallas, Georgia, 30132

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The Dallas Police Department is a law enforcement agency that operates in Dallas, Georgia. As an official source, it is responsible for maintaining public safety, preventing and investigating crimes, and enforcing laws within its jurisdiction. The department reports to the local government and works closely with other law enforcement agencies at the state and federal levels.

The Dallas Police Department provides a range of services to the community, including emergency response, criminal investigations, traffic enforcement, and community policing initiatives. Its officers are trained to uphold the law, protect lives and property, and maintain order in the community. The department also works with other agencies and organizations to address specific issues such as drug enforcement, domestic violence, and youth outreach programs.

Dallas Police Department 108 East Griffin Street, Dallas, Georgia, 30132 Phone: 770-443-8100 Website

Are Dallas Police Records Public?

Yes, Dallas Police Records are public records that can be accessed by the general public. In Georgia, the law permits access to public records under the Georgia Open Records Act. This law ensures that government records, including police records, are open and available for inspection by the public.

However, there are certain exemptions to the public records law, and not all information may be accessible. Some of the things that may be exempted from inmate records include personal identifying information, ongoing investigations, confidential informants, and juvenile records. It is important to note that the release of certain records may be subject to restrictions or redactions to protect the privacy and safety of individuals involved.

How to Find Dallas Police Department Arrest Records

The Dallas Police Department maintains arrest records as part of its duties in enforcing the law and ensuring public safety. In Dallas, access to public arrest records is permitted under the Georgia Open Records Act. This means that members of the public can request and obtain information about arrests made by the Dallas Police Department.

When a person is arrested by the Dallas Police Department, they may be detained for a period of time depending on the nature of the offense. During this time, they may undergo booking procedures, including fingerprinting and photographing. The individual may then be released, held in custody pending further investigation, or transferred to a correctional facility.

Residents who are interested in obtaining arrest records from the Dallas Police Department can make a request through the department's records division. It is important to follow the proper procedures and provide any necessary identification or documentation to ensure a smooth process.

How to Find Dallas Police Department Jail Register

The Dallas Police Department works closely with various courts and correctional facilities in the area. When a criminal is arrested, they may be transported to a local jail or detention center depending on the jurisdiction and the nature of the offense. The Dallas Police Department maintains a jail register that contains information about individuals who are currently in custody or have been recently released.

To find out where a criminal has been transported, individuals can contact the Dallas Police Department's records division or visit their official website. The records division can provide information about the current status and location of an individual in custody. It is important to provide as much information as possible, such as the person's name and date of birth, to assist in locating the correct record.

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